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project - hot hot summer

I created the images used for the video - Hot, Hot Summer. This project was a collaboration with Mike Taylor.
Recent events have brought more protests and discussion on civil issues. Specifically issues involving human rights and ethics around politics.
My task was to take these themes and create illustrations that visualize these struggles and the people that lead changes in these systems. I created these images as part of a series that depicts the ongoing issues with applying equality to all citizens.

One objective was to illustrate the issues and create designs that could begin a conversation. We talked about how the illustrations should use classic imagery yet add color and style on top of these graphics in order to bring it into a contemporary visual style. The imagery draws upon figures from the 1960's civil rights movements as well as photos involving the protests during 2020.
In order to unify these illustrations I decided to use a visual style in which blocks of color and outlines are used to accent the emotion or action of each illustration. The images were chosen specifically as part of a significant person, moment or time in which a change was made.

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