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Roshdi Sarraj

This project is based on Roshdi Sarraj who unfortunately was killed in Gaza. put together this opportunity for creating the illustration as a way to remember Roshdi Sarraj and keep his legacy. My graphic reflects this and is based my work on Roshdi, Palestine, and the work that he did.

The main focus of the illustration is on Roshdi, his presence and his life as a photojournalist. My intent here was to make the outside color lines faded, fractured and divided to exemplify the state of the conflict within the region and the history involved.

We also see the Palestine flag framed inside Roshdi, bright and chromatic with rippling waves that show full vibrant color. This illustrates the resilience of the people of Palestine, the history that lives on through sharing their stories and hope for a peaceful resolution.

You can see his work on instagram for @ainmedia and his personal account at @roshdi.sarraj

Thank you for this oppertinity

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